Tahaya – Tales of Tal-Qadi Stone 

(coming soon)

Cross-Genre/Historical Fiction

In this magical world of the imagination, history, dreams and religion are blended together in an informal historical-fiction/magical-reality book, presenting stories about new ways to co-exist with other species and with the environment. This body of work relates all aspects towards: “thinking well of one’s origins; it is part of having a healthy self-image.” (Huston Smith, 1994). 

Towards the end of Malta’s Neolithic temple culture in 2650BC, a temple child called Tahaya connects by distant feeling across a bridge of a thousand years to a horse called Intuit. He picks up her stories in the wind through the forelock of his mane. Tahaya: Tales of the tal-Qadi Stone is a cross-genre novel relating to Malta’s past Temple Culture. Combined with other future-related narratives, the story seeks to engage with an ecological and spiritual awareness. The story is backed by researched archaeological data and information, as well as many illustrations. 

Intuit listening to the winds of time. (2014)

40 x 50cm – Pastel

Gliding inland on the inky water. (2015)

50 x 40cm – Pastel

The Arrival (depicting the graffiti of boats on the Tarxien orthostats). (2015)

50 x 40cm – Pastel

Coming Ashore in the eastern creek near the temple of tal-Qadi (2022)

100 x 120 cm – Oil on canvas

The smell of land on entering the creek. (2015)

40 x 30 cm – Pastel

The Phoenician boats reaching the shore. (2021)

Pencil sketch and digital

Getting ready to wade ashore. (2021)

20 x 15cm – Intaglio print

Rish-Shamash finds the Tal-Qadi Stone. (2021)

27 x 18cm – Pencil sketch

Tahaya, a temple child from the remote past, follows the spiritual calling of her very own shamanic virtual reality. She tells Intuit about the broken fan-shaped stone which was part of a lunar dial. In the dreaming, she reveals how to complete the stone and access the secrets of time… leading to a conscious mind, a healing body and a beautiful, boundless spirit. 

An elder making an offering to the mother goddess of the islands. (2021)

100 x 200cm – Acrylic on canvas

Shooshme’s shadow. (2021)

150x100cm – Oil on canvas

She shone like a pearl. (2020)

80 x 100cm – Acrylic on canvas

Across the bridge of time. (2021)

100 x 150 cm – Oil on canvas

Mnajdra temples. (2019)

80 x 80 cm – Acrylic on canvas

Tahaya’s dream. (2020)

90 x 90 cm – Oil on canvas

Temple Child. (2021)

50 x 40cm – Pastel

On the plains of Benuarrat (2015)

Pastel, 55 x 75 cm

Tahaya and Intuit across time. (2022)

120 x 100cm – Oil on canvas

The Traders in the cove. (2022)

100 x 150 cm – Oil on canvas